Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 31 and Pictures!!!

Lea-Celine returned today! She has quite a short haircut, and she clung to Kristin (or maybe it was the other way around haha) all day. Andreea (the big little one) gave Celine kisses. It was cute.

It was confirmed today that Raul's platelet count is too high, which means his blood is too thick, and he's being put on blood thinners. We don't know when he'll be able to return, but Dr. Delia said she would try to find out.

Alexandra learned how to blow kisses today! She also says "pa" and "bravo".

We decided that Daria is going to grow up and solve all the world's problems.

Mihaela told us today that Daniela has something called "Turner's Syndrome." I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I think it's chromosomal. I'll look it up tomorrow. Also, someone had said that Daniela would be going home soon, but it seems like that theory was wrong. Not certain.

Nicoletta was fussy most of the day, but she did eat most of her lunchtime bottle. And she enjoyed a nice massage with baby lotion this morning, as did Maria and Alina.

Maria spent a lot of time in the preschool room and the nonmobile room today. She loves the "Glee" covers of "You Keep Me Hanging On" and "Somebody to Love."

I'm going to Bucharest this weekend! Yes, that means I'll be spending more money, but everyone is going, and while before I wouldn't have minded staying here by myself, I've made some friends on this team and would like to join them. We'll be doing a quad room at the Marriott to save money, and we're getting massages--which I desperately need right now.

Some of us may be going either this week or next week to the facility in Barlad where Maiastra, Ana-Maria, and Sami are. We can't take cameras, though.

Speaking of wellness, once we got into Barlad tonight, I found myself feeling incredibly drowsy, overheated, and generally unwell. Going to bed tonight, and we'll see what the morning brings; I may have to take the a.m. shift off.

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