Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Days 9 & 10

As it turns out, the students only come to volunteer at the clinic on Saturdays. Genie went over Sunday morning by herself and stayed until lunchtime, and then I went over with her at about 4:00. The staff seemed to be doing a lot of cleaning, so we took a group of kids into the nonmobile playroom for about two hours. Celine was out of isolation! Mihaela is about fourteen handfuls and, of course, kept trying to climb up the walls and escape. She can now scale the door and turn the handle to open it. Before you know it, she could be halfway down the hall!

The weekend trippers got back Sunday evening, and Anna (my roommate from last week) stopped by to say hi. I’m gonna’ miss her! And then when I went to leave my room Monday morning, she and her family had left presents for me. It was like Christmas in July! I got three jars of peanut butter, a bag of trail mix, Ritz crackers, a book (one that’s actually on my “list of books I want to read”—-score!), and an umbrella.

Some highlights from Monday:

*The big kids (Lea-Celine, Ion, Petre, Andreea) moved to toddler beds! I got a peek as I walked past the room (it had been full of cribs but I guess they converted over the weekend) and it’s ridiculous how excited I was. It was so cute. They had a few aides in there, trying to get the kids to calm down, stay in their beds, and go to sleep. I wanted to sneak a picture, but Coca saw me and shut the door, laughing. I later asked Ramona how it went, and she said it was rough, of course, since it was the first time. But they’ll get used to it.

*Speaking of Celine, she was back in isolation Monday? I mean, with the other isolated kids. I was pretty confused.

*Robin got Paula to laugh! Like, REAL laughing. I wish I could have witnessed it.

*Daria had tummy time on a boppy pillow and played her piano, and Ionut had tummy time on the exercise ball!

*Alex decided to strip half of her clothes off, which I understand because it was hot. She refused to eat her afternoon bottle until Jean and Jean paired up, holding her down and squeezing the milk/cereal into her mouth. Jean would squeeze four times, and then Alex would swallow. The Jeans were making funny noises and faces, and Alex really got a kick out of it, so she was laughing by the end. At one point during the afternoon, I took a picture of her, and she craned her head around to see, so I showed her all of the pictures that were on the camera. Later, she handed me the camera and posed, no lie. We found out that she will be leaving for Iasi on Tuesday, to have her legs scanned and possibly have another surgery.

*We discovered that Maria-Cleopatra likes to have her head rubbed; there is video evidence of this on my Facebook page. And Robin held Maria and spent a good bit of time with her at the end of the afternoon. They are both special people, I’m glad they got a chance to connect. :-)

*Daria was lying on the floor with her legs in the air, holding onto her feet, and I told Jean that this was a yoga pose, called “Happy Baby.” Jean was surprised when I told her I could do it, so I demonstrated, and Jean took a picture of me, side by side with Daria, doing “Happy Baby.” It’s quite possibly one of my favorite pictures.

*I spent some time with Raul, put on a CD and sang The Sound of Music soundtrack for him. Don't judge. He loved it.

*Romanian doughnuts. Enough said.


Ionut & Jean


Daniela & Mihaela


Robin & Maria

Hell yeah, Happy Baby!


Alex...At one point, she scurried over to the teddy bear and started cuddling with it, hugging it, etc, but when I picked my camera up for a picture, she stopped. Silly girl.

Flowers outside the hospital


Sunlight through the window

Romanian doughnut! Honestly, I could take the doughnut part or leave it, I just love the Nutella.

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