Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 17 - Highlights

Just a few notable tidbits about today, as I'm quite tired and will probably go to bed early:

*Baby Nicoletta is back! She's in a bedroom all by herself, as she has to be isolated for a while. I got to cuddle her quite a bit. She's such a happy little girl! I didn't hear her cry once. I believe she's around 7 months old now, and she came to the clinic because she wasn't gaining weight? I'll have to double-check that. But I weighed her today, and she's about 8.5 pounds. Tiny little thing, it's hard to remember how old she is.

*Daria's mom visited today! And an aunt or other female relation. It was a tearful reunion. I'm not sure how often they are able to visit, but there's no doubt in my mind that mom wishes it could be more often.

*Celine is going to Iasi tomorrow for tests, but Mihaela said that she usually comes back in the same day.

*I didn't get to see Raul until this afternoon, and he didn't smile once when I was with him. Sad. :-( He made a few happy-like noises, but no smiling. He seemed fairly lethargic.

*Gabi seems to be getting sick. I went into her room (she's with the isolation kids) and found her without a diaper on her bum, but there was one wrapped around her waist and legs. The nurse came in to check her temperature a couple times, and she wrapped some wet cloth diapers around her legs to cool her off. When I was leaving this afternoon, I heard Gabi screaming as they inserted some kind of port into her arm and wrapped it so she couldn't pull it out.

*I found Maria's tickle spot. Well, it's actually a scratch spot--I used my fingernails, very gently, on her abdomen, kind of just under the bottom of her ribcage, and she LOVED it.

*Daniela got a haircut.

*My glasses were grabbed 4+ times, and I'm pretty sure I'll need to get new ones when I return home.

*Cristi cuddled me today. I know, I was surprised, too. I was holding Andreea in my lap, and Cristi just made his way up there himself and settled down, comfy as can be. Andreea didn't really care for that.

*I had lunch alone. Not fun. And the hotel is having tile put down in the dining room, to replace the carpet, so there was dust and stuff. We had dinner outside because of that.

*Judy thought she had asked Mihaela to order a certain dessert for us, one that others had talked about and we wanted to try, but I don't think that's what we got. We had pancakes (yes, pancakes), with a dish of Nutella. Sounds odd, to have actual pancakes for dessert, but it was quite delicious.

And now, for your viewing pleasure...

Train station in Barlad, Saturday


Daniela & me


Nicoletta & me

Cristi and the twins, Andreea and Roxana


Andreea & me




Sleeping Daria

Roxie on Nestor, the Not-So-Long-Eared Donkey

Gabi, wrapped in diapers


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