Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost Time!

I'm leaving for Romania tomorrow morning. My flight from Pittsburgh leaves a little before 11am, and my connecting flight from New York leaves at 5. I'm scheduled to arrive in Bucharest around 3:30am EST, so 10:30 in Romania.

Still not done packing. Before I started this afternoon, I took a picture of the donations I collected, spread out on a blanket.

Looks like a lot, right? 2700 bottle liners, 6 boxes of wipes, 2 boxes of gloves, numerous toys and books and clothes....well, later on, I found another bag of donations I'd forgotten to lay out. I'm bringing over as much as I can, but I'm pretty sure there's no way I'll be able to fit everything into my extra suitcase. It'll be close, but I'll probably end up shipping another box of stuff when I get home.

Thanks to the following people, who have made donations since the last time I updated my "sponsor" list on my website:

From (an awesome website, by the way. Check it out.) : 4myson, rgsgirl, Sdm4628, kiwibaby, drainco

From the 30stm forum: J30STM, Morrigan, Mabo

If I've forgotten someone, I apologize, and my many thanks to you, as well. :-)

Off to finish packing. I'll update when I get to the hotel, at some point.

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