Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In recent months, the clinic in Tutova has been implementing a new sanitation regulation, through the use of Playtex DropIns in the kids' bottles. These DropIn liners are disposable, which keeps things more sanitary as well as providing a more comfortable feeding experience for the babies.

The problem? As I was informed yesterday, the Playtex liners are not available in Romania. With 20 kids and multiple feedings per day, you can imagine how many liners the clinic goes through, so I don't know how they'll manage this if volunteers don’t help out.

So my request to all of you wonderful people is that you send me a few dollars so that I can buy a supply of Playtex liners to take to the clinic with me. I found them at K-Mart for about $5 per package of 100 liners; however, I’m also going to check out Sam’s Club and CostCo to see if they have bulk packages of them for less.

If you wouldn't mind sending me just a couple of dollars to help with this, that would be awesome. You can do it through PayPal at alexandra.mckenzie@gmail.com or we can figure out another way, to avoid PayPal fees. Let me know which you’d prefer. I’d love to be able to raise at least $100 for this specific need.


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  1. Have a safe trip and Good Luck!
    And most important have a great time :-)