Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 6

Good news! The dog is alive. Terri saw him last night, and other volunteers saw him today. He was limping a bit, but it looks like he’ll be fine.

I’m a loser and won’t be saying a lot tonight, so here’s just a run-down of some “of note” things that happened today:

*We figured out why there is so much grouchiness coming from the babies lately. Ema-Elena, Mihaela & Gabriela (twins), and Marius all have birthdays around the same time, and they are all cutting their two-year molars. Poor kids are in pain all the time from that, hence the crankiness.

*Sami went on a long walk today, during which he laughed a lot, pulled on leaves, and touched the metal on some buildings. Later on, he put his “pulling” skills to a not-so-good use—by pulling Erin’s hair and not letting go, which earned him a little time-out by himself in the grass. He was a trooper, though, and took his time-out well.

*Petre spit up (a LOT) on Amy J. this morning, and it seemed like he wouldn’t stop! Amy’s shorts are currently drying in the bathroom.

*Ionela and Alina had their picture taken on a motorcycle that was parked on the other side of the playground fence. Unfortunately, it was not on my camera, so I don’t have the picture.

*Little Andreea started to crawl today!

*Amy J. went on a nature walk with Ionela, and while on this walk, she (Amy) walked under a bird. You can imagine what happened next. Amy’s shirt is currently drying in the bathroom.

*Amy J. also spent some time holding Maria outside today. She picked her up out of her stroller ever-so-gently and was very good with her. Amy promised that she would hold Maria whenever she can after Nicole leaves this weekend.

*Big Andreea bit Erin on her shoulder. Not intentionally, of course, but her teeth just happened to be there, I guess.

*Mama Dog (whom we have been feeding leftover meat from lunch and dinner) sneaked through the gate to the playground today.

*Ema-Elena has a few really bad bug-bites (mosquito or something else?) on her leg, and her knee and foot were kind of inflamed today, poor girl. The nurse put some kind of ointment on it, so hopefully it will help.

This afternoon was fairly uneventful. We were only at the clinic for about an hour and a half, as we were set to go to Barlad this evening. So we did the afternoon feedings, the kids’ diapers were changed, and we put them in their cribs.

This evening, in Barlad, those of us who are going to Transylvania this weekend paid for our trip at the travel agent’s office. It cost 405 lei, or $135, plus $50 for transportation. Not bad at all, I think. After that, we wandered around the Penny Market (where Amy J. bought a purse in which to carry her necessities), then headed to dinner at a restaurant whose name I can recall. I ate more tonight than I’ve eaten in the past five days. Chicken, cheese, polenta, potatoes, chocolate crepes…yummy.

Tomorrow is the last day for the one-week volunteers, so I'm going to end this post with a few pictures and then go to socialize a bit.

Cristi let out a huge grin that I had to capture immediately before he stopped, hence the angle and zoom.
Cristi looking in a mirror in a book
Nicole massaging Maria's belly
Big Andreea lifting her head
Mama Dog
Delta with Daniela (left) and Petre (right)
Andreea, in her favorite position. It doesn't seem very comfortable, but it really is, for her.
Amy and Maria


  1. Glad to hear the puppy is OK - how are you liking polenta?

  2. I love that Sami and Cristi are both wearing Zachary's outfits *LOVE*

  3. Hi Alexandra, I've been at the clinic a few times and volunteered with Terri earlier this year. Big Andreea is one of my special kids. You may know this but she likes rolling on the big ball. You have to hold her and it is hard because she is big but it seems to relax her. I seem to recall she liked rolling on her stomach more than on her back. She really does best in a bouncy chair although tummy time is important for her as is moving her arms and legs. Enjoy the rest of your stay! Evan