Friday, June 25, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

I'm leaving for Romania today! So excited. I'm armed with a suitcase full of stuff for the kids, a duffel bag full of stuff for me, and my carry-on. It'll be so easy to pack when it's time to come home again--I'll just toss the duffel and all my stuff (and possibly the carry-on!) into my suitcase!

My brother is picking me up around 1:15 to take me to the airport, and my flight leaves at 5:05. First stop is Washington D.C., where I have 54 minutes to make my connection. Shouldn't be a problem, as it's right down the corridor from where I arrive. Then it's off to Frankfurt, and then Bucharest by 1:30 tomorrow afternoon (6:30am home time). This will all be followed by a couple hours waiting at the airport and then 5 hours in the van as we drive to Tutova, as well as the traditional dinner stop at McDonald's.

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