Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Days 17 & 18


Alexandra gave Susan a kiss! Becca was taking a picture of Susan for the GV fundraising-related blog at http://www.changewagers.org, and just as she was snapping the photo, Alex turned her head and gave Susan a big smooch on the cheek. Major breakthrough there! Susan looks so surprised in the picture!

Maiastra happily ate her mid-morning snack, tapping the jar when she wanted another bite and very nearly reaching for the spoon.

Maria wouldn’t eat her bottles this morning. Amy J. said that it seems as though she forgot how to eat/swallow. (note: it took a bit of coaxing, but Maria DID take her afternoon bottle!)

Amy J. took Paula for a walk. Paula hated the stroller, so Amy carried her. She was content to touch trees and poles for a little while.

One of the puppies sneaked into the playground several times, as he was small enough to climb through the fence. Lea-Celine didn’t like him, nor did Ionela. Alina didn’t seem to mind.

Later, the puppy tried to get in to clinic; I took him outside and Lea-Celine was in the car w/ Mihaela. Lea-Celine reached her arm out and said “my, my, my” (“my my” is an equivalent to “be nice”) so I let her pet the puppy, and she made a new friend :-)

Delta, Trevor, Amy J. and I played Canasta this evening. It was a close game, but Delta and I beat the two youngins by about 130 points.


A new-ish puppy was yelping all day, wandering around and crying. I think he was looking for his mother, who may or may not be Mama Dog. Poor thing was so distraught, I went over to grab him up and cuddle him for a bit. There’s a bucket by the entrance to the clinic that some of the dogs drink out of, but there was no water in it today. I asked Ramona (the social worker at the clinic) if there was anything I could give to the puppy—water or anything—because I felt so bad, and she said no. But later on, I did sneak him some leftover mashed bananas that the kids didn’t eat.

Alexandra had a wonderful day today. When Big Andreea was crying, Alex reached over to pat her arm and comfort her. And when Sami sat on the swing, looking down at the ground like he was sad, she bent over to look at his face and to see if he was okay. What a sweetheart.

Petre threw up carrot soup on Becca (who HATES cooked carrots). Guess who didn’t feed him this afternoon? Haha I can’t blame her, of course. When he threw up on me, I was hesitant to feed him again, myself.

Alina tried to bite Amy J.’s lips this morning. And this afternoon, she (Alina) gave me real kisses, not those disgustingly slobbery, open-mouth “baby kisses.”
Marius didn’t want his bottles again this morning, but he did eat plenty of mid-morning snack (baby food and mashed bananas!). If I remember correctly, he ate maybe a little bit of his afternoon bottle, but not a whole lot.

On the way back from the clinic at lunchtime, I found a heart-shaped rock, and when I returned this afternoon, I gave it to Ionela for her rock collection. As soon as I handed it to her, she put it up to her ear and said, “’ello?”

While in Barlad this evening, Susan bought a bottle of Tiuca, a kind of plum brandy that apparently, until recently, was only homemade, not mass-produced and sold in stores. When we (well, some of us) congregated on the patio for our Tiuca-tasting party, Delta went in to ask Bogdan for six glasses. Hee asked her, “You want to have something to drink?” Delta told him yes, and he said, “You need seven glasses.” So Delta asked if he wanted some.

So he brought the tumblers out for us, he looked at our bottle and told us it was good, but then he held up a hand, telling us to wait, and went back inside. When he returned, he had a water bottle with him. But was there water in that bottle? Of course not! It was a bottle of home-brewed Tiuca, which he let us sample, to compare to the store-bought stuff. Store-bought was 34% alcohol; home-brewed was about 60%. I was done after one sip of each.

I tried to see meteors tonight, as the peak of the Perseids meteor shower is tomorrow afternoon, but there’s too much light pollution around the hotel. Trevor and I are thinking we might get a group of people (armed with a couple flashlights) to walk over towards the clinic after dark tomorrow night to try again.

Daniela who--we discovered yesterday--has/had a twin? No more info available at this time.
Cute, adorable Lea-Celine's other side--the diva. If she's not being held by the person she wants, or she has to share a lap, or someone bumps into her, she throws a fit. But well...she's still cute!
Me & Little Andreea
Becca & Maria
Big Andreea
Alina, aka Kilroy
Amy J. just got a happy birthday email from her grandfather, who apparently is following other volunteers' blogs and, in his email, referred to Amy as "Stretch" (her nickname here, which I don't really use)
Puppy taking a nap, behind the bench and under the blanket that hung from the fence.
Me & Alina, after she got knocked over by Little Andreea
Amy J. & Maria
Ion, doing what he does best...getting into everything.

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