Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 19

We took the kids outside again this morning. It was a little breezy out; I’m surprised the aides didn’t make us put sweatshirts, socks, hats, etc. on the kids immediately. Shortly after snacktime, we were given small blankets for the kids.
There was some kind of an inspection today. I’m not entirely sure what it was all about, but the preparation by the aides involved heavy-duty cleaning and changing into identical uniforms.

Big Andreea had a giggle fit before noon-time bottles. She was lying on her belly, on the Boppy pillow, when all of a sudden, we hear squeals and snorts and giggles. It was hilarious, and I wish I had gotten it on video. I need to keep my camera with me at all times, so I can catch things like this.

Bad news: Andrei, who has a heart condition and has been wheezing a lot lately, went to the hospital today. So I had to say my first goodbye today, as I’m pretty sure Andrei won’t return to the clinic before Friday night. I gave him a kiss while he was getting a breathing treatment, and then I ran into the bathroom for a little cry. Friday is going to be rough.

This afternoon, I went into the clinic and found Andrei still there. I had hoped he would have left already, so I didn’t have to say goodbye again. I also found out that Alina was going, as well, but her visit had been planned, for her routine check-up. It was a little easier for the goodbyes this time, and I was able to get a picture with each of them.

Petre threw up on me again just before we left for the evening. One thing I can say about this trip, I’ve been desensitized to baby vomit because of it. I barely even flinched before cleaning him up (yes, him first!), then myself, then the rocking chair and the floor. Then I changed his clothes, made sure that he would be fed again later (since he had spit up his entire bottle), and went back to the clinic to change my clothes. Luckily, tomorrow is another laundry day, so I can throw my pants and tshirt in with tomorrow’s load instead of letting it stink up my luggage until I get home.

Oh, after lunch today, we went down the road to the Tiff market, where I got a strawberry ice cream bar with white chocolate coating for 1 lei or leu or whatever the singular form is. That equals about 33 cents in the States! It was yummy, too.

I sent out a batch of postcards last week, and the rest will be sent out tomorrow.

Here are a couple videos. First one is from today, second is from Monday, I believe. I'll post another entry with pictures later. Apparently, I'm going to (according to Amy J.) have a playing Canasta.

Ionela...if you listen closely, towards the beginning, you can hear her say, "'ello! 'ello!" into her rock-phone.

Andrei...Susan had him giggling like crazy before I started recording, so I'm really only posting this for the sake of the big squeal in the middle.

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